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Quoova5 Collapsible Water Bottle


Capacity1.1 Pounds

About this item

  • 💦 ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT FOR TRAVELERS - Know someone who could benefit from a lightweight, collapsible drink bottle? Then this silicone drink holder from Quoova5 would be perfect for him or her!
  • 💦 EASY TO CLEAN & STORE - Use a bottle brush and rinse with hot water for a thorough clean inside. Just push down to flatten the collapsible water bottle when it is dry enough for storage.
  • 💦 HIGHLY PORTABLE DESIGN - With its shatter-proof durability, this reusable water bottle lets you stay hydrated during outdoor activities. Use it in the gym, office, school, or in the wild.
  • 💦 SAFE & HEAT-RESISTANT - Made of food grade silicone, this bottle is ideal for both hot coffee and a cold smoothie. It can endure heat of up to 60 degrees C and can be used to freeze drinks in.
  • 💦 LEAK-PROOF SILICONE LID - Move around easily during outdoor adventures without spilling your drink. The cap and lid are designed to keep drinks inside regardless of the bottle's position.

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Is your water bottle taking up too much valuable space in your backpack even when it is empty?

Going out on a big adventure, whether it is hiking, wall climbing or camping, you need to travel light. A bulky bag will definitely weigh you down. While water or any safe drink is crucial to keep you hydrated while you sweat it out, the storage bottle you use can be quite bulky.

As you go about your activities, you take breaks and have a sip from your bottle. When all is done and you are ready to go home, the place that your empty water bottle is taking up in your bag becomes such a waste, doesn’t it? For travelers, that could have been room for souvenirs.

Save backpack space without skimping on your drink with the Quoova5 Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle!

Don’t you wish your empty water bottle can be folded to save extra space in your bag when you head home? Wish granted! The collapsible water bottle by Quoova5 is designed to fold down to a smaller size when half or totally empty. The innovative design is meant to provide convenience for people on the go.

It is made of a safe food-grade silicone material that won’t leach harmful substances or affect the taste and smell of your drink. Plus, it can endure high and freezing temperatures without changing shape or decreasing durability.

Great for athletic individuals and travellers, this silicone bottle has leak-proof cap and lid to keep drinks intact whether it is tipped to the side or upside down.

Here are more notable benefits of our collapsible water bottle:

💦 Holds 550ml of liquid
💦 Dishwasher-safe
💦 Comes in a variety of stunning colors: Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Gray, Pink and Lilac
💦 Non-toxic and BPA-free materials

Don’t let your drink weigh you down. Add Quoova5 Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle to your cart TODAY!

Product details

  • Date First Available : June 22, 2020
  • Manufacturer : Quoova5
  • ASIN : B08BL5VW6Q