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Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine


  • Bawell Water Ionizer Filter Systems Make Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits for drinking and Acidic Water
  • Alkaline Water Ionizer Filter Systems from Bawell feature a Forever Lifetime Warranty
  • Make alkaline and acidic water with PH Range 3.0 to 12.0 ORP Range +600 to -800 The Internal 2 Stage Water Filter System gives you cleaner more purified drinking water. Change the 2 filters every 5000 liters on average.
  • Displays PH & ORP , Filter 1 Lifespan & Filter 2 Lifespan & Alkaline Water or Acidic Water Electrolysis Settings. 110 Volts Only made for the United States and Canada only, does not work in Europe on 220 Volts.
  • This Alkaline Water Machine is only for the Countertop, it connects to the faucet or water line below the sink. To Make Alkaline Water Benefits the Water Ionizer requires minimum water pressure of 20lbs Per Square Inch of Constant water pressure (20psi) supplied by tap or well water pressure. Well water pressure that fluctuates or is not constant is unsuitable for use with this machine.

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Product Description

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Benefits

bawell alkaline water ionizers model 2195 platinum alkaline water machine ionizer systems

Make alkaline water benefits with the Bawell Platinum water ionizer machine at the touch of a button.

Connecting this machine to your kitchen faucet or to the water line below your sink will allow you to make ionized alkalized water with medically research potential health benefits listed in the US National Library of Medicine Database. People wonder what exactly is alkaline water and what are its health benefits. There are many different ways to make alkaline drinking water, but only alkaline ionized water made by electrolysis has been researched and found to have antioxidant properties due to its negative Oxidation Reduction Potential and slightly higher ph. This water is called Electrolyzed Reduced Water by the scientific community and it is only made by the water electrolysis process which occurs inside water ionizers. With your own water electrolysis machine you can separate the alkaline and acidic minerals present in tap or well water to make natural alkaline water and acidic ionized water. This water alkalizer works by separating the minerals in your water allowing you to create water from a ph of 3.0 to 12.0 and a -ORP value of +600mV to -800mV. It allows you to make fresh antioxidant rich higher ph ionized drinking water everyday in unlimited amounts for yourself, your family, and even your pets. The human body is nearly 70% water by weight making water the most important nutrient within the body. By simply drinking the recommended 8 glasses per day of ionized alkalized electrolyzed water you too will discover the health benefits already experienced by hundreds of millions of people living worldwide. Read reviews from previous owners of the Bawell brand alkaline water ionizers to see just what health benefits are possible when improving the most important nutrient within your body.

2 Filter System Gives You Cleaner Better Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water Benefits

bawell alkaline water ionizer machine filter system 2 stage drinking water filtration system

Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer 2 Stage Filtration System

With 2 internal filters the Bawell Platinum Model 2195 sets a higher filtration standard for water ionizers.

The Best Alkaline Water Machine Filter System

2 filter system in bawell platinum alakline water ionizers systems

The first step in making alkaline ionized drinking water is to filter and purify your tap or well water.

The Bawell Platinum model uses 2 filters instead of just one. When it comes to drinking water filtration systems, more filters is better. These filters are good for about 5000 liters each, that is about 1320 gallons of filtered alkalized water you can make between filter changes. Depending on how much water you use per day, they can last longer or shorter than one year. In general, Bawell recommends you change the filters once per year or when the filter life counter on the front of the machine expires, which ever comes first.

  • 2 stage internal alkalized water filtration system
  • Change the 2 filters yearly or at 1320 gallons of use
  • 5000 liter lifespan = 1320 gallons each
  • Filter life counter on the front of the machine displays and counts the number of liters you have used, starting at 0
  • Voice prompts will automatically notify you when the filter life counter is almost expired
  • Filter life is displayed in liters on the front of the water ionizer machine
  • Filter change directions are included in the user manual
  • 2 Filters are included for the 1st years use
  • Replacement filters are available online from Bawell

Bawell Intelligent Display Gives You Real-Time Information on Your Water

alkaline water machine ph and orp levels

With Bawell you always know the PH of your Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water

Color Coded Interactive Display Tells You:

  • PH Value
  • ORP Value
  • Filter 1 Use in Liters
  • Filter 2 Use in Liters
  • Alkaline Water Level
  • Acidic Water Level
  • Purified Water Level

Installation is Very Simple - Watch the Included 10 Minute Installation DVD

bawell installation

Installation of your Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer is very simple and should take you less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

There is a short 10 minute installation DVD included in the box with your machine in addition to the user manual. You can connect this alkaline water ionizer system directly to your kitchen or bathroom faucet, or any other faucet in the house, with its included universal faucet adaptor connections. This adaptor fits standard faucets and pull out sprayer faucets. The main requirement is that your faucet has a removable aerator. The installation video in the box shows you how to remove the aerator on your faucet so you can connect the adaptor for the machine. There is also another method of installation, you may connect the machine directly to the cold water line below your sink or in another place in your house like the laundry room. However, even if you connect the machine below the sink, you still need to place the machine on the counter top or hang the machine on the wall with its built in wall mount location on the back of the unit and the included screws and anchors. This machine weighs about 12 lbs, so it is not very heavy, you can hang it on the wall or cabinet or simply sit it on the counter top. While you may connect the machine to the cold water line below the sink, this machine cannot be placed under the sink, the machine must be on the counter top.

  1. This alkaline drinking water machine is for the counter top only, you cannot place it under the sink.
  2. You may connect the water ionizer system to the kitchen or bathroom faucet directly, this is the easiest and fastest installation.
  3. Instead of connecting to the faucet, you can connect the machine directly to the cold water line below the sink, but you must place the machine on the counter top. This means you have to run the 1/4" diameter hose through the counter top where there is a hole, such as a soap dispenser hole.
  4. You may not place this machine under the sink, this is a counter top only model.

The Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Filter System Machine

bawell 2 stage filtration system

Like drinking dirty water?

We did not think so, that is why the Bawell brand believes that before you can make alkaline ionized drinking water benefits you must first filter and purify your tap or well water. This is why the Bawell Platinum model features the newest internal filtration technology with a built in 2 stage water filtration system. As shown in the image above, there are two filters inside this machine, giving you cleaner drinking water than older single stage water ionizer filter system designs. In the past, all alkaline water ionizers only had 1 filter inside, this includes older Bawell system designs as well. However, times have changed, and water ionizer engineers have opted for more than double the filtration in newer designs. When it comes to water filtration, bigger is better and more is better. The more filtration stages, the cleaner the drinking water.

  • Features a built in 2 filter filtration system, the blue and green label filters shown above, and shown in the back of the machine above.
  • 5000 liter lifespan = 1320 gallons each
  • Change the 2 filters yearly or at 1320 gallons of use
  • Remember - more filters = cleaner better water. The more filtration stages, the cleaner your drinking water.

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