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The best alkaline ionizer in this range. Works Perfectly. Have been using for the past few months now and I’m loving it. My entire family drinks alkaline water and we can clearly see great effects. A must buy product, it’s a great investment. Thank you Filter Flux

Had been using Brita in US so was looking for an alternative here in India. This one is good. Slowly Filters water. The spout part needs adjustment at times else water spills. Otherwise Ok.

Rodrigo Dennis

It is the best investment ever. I always wanted to stop using plastic for drinking water. After a long search, I purchased your osmosis filtration system with alkaline remineralization filter. The water tastes really good. It was quite an easy fitting but you have to find a plumber who knows how to fit the system. I choose the tap which was sent in the package because drilling a hole on top of the sink was not a problem. If you have marble, granite top you may have to choose another 3-1 tap. I also did a kinesiology test using unfiltered tap water, bottled water and this filtered water. My body was very strong with reverse osmosis filtered water. And muscles collapsed with other waters. I don’t feel bloated anymore. Highly Recommend “FilterFlux”s Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.


Being within the Keto lifestyle (yes, it's a life-style, not a diet), I do my best to drink a minimum of 1-gallon of water per day. With the very fact that water style like dirt here in Texas, I even have bought a lot of drinking water. Drinking 10-12 bottles per day, I started considering what proportion plastic I used to be adding to the setting that is not sensible. When I saw your Water bottle filter, I used to be super skeptical that it might create the “dirt” water style just like the refreshing Ozark that I used to be conversant in, however I bought it anyway. When mistreatment it for two days, I will tell you that it most positively will simply that. At 26oz (ca. 1 kg) per fill, it's additionally helped American state to succeed in the goal of 1-gallon per day with ease. I extremely advocate the merchandise for people who wish nice tasting water straight out of the faucet ... even those people in Texas!!!